Empowerment Through Education

Fundraiser Initiative to Give Other Opportunities 
Let us Help Raise Awareness and Funding for Those in Need of Financial Assistance for Secondary Education to Assist to Give Their Gifts/Talents to the World

Background Story

I am a small town girl who dreamed to be the first college graduate in my family and coming from a low income background, it was not so easily achieved. The Scholarships I received allowed me to achieve that dream. I want to be able to pay it forward to as many student as possible. We all deserve a chance to achieve our dream and give our gifts and talents to the world.

I came across an amazing organization called Bring It-Push It-Own It. This program teaches self empowerment and leadership skills to our next generation. I felt compelled to help this group after joining to be a mentor, and what better way than to help their future by giving a scholarship for their college, technical school, or cosmetology schooling. I would highly recommend you check out their website. 


I have partnered with this group to raise scholarship funding for a participant. I am looking to expand this in 2022 to more students. 

Please Check Out the Shop Tab to buy my book where all the proceeds go to the scholarship fund. I am happy to autograph and add a special note to the recipient.

Bring It Push It Own It 2022 Scholarship Application Guidelines:

We are happy to be able to give out our 2nd Annual Scholarship for Secondary Education which includes but not limited to College, Technical School, Cosmetology school, etc. We are giving scholarships to one Bring it Participant (current or past) and one scholarship is open to anyone in the local Fort Wayne area which can be used to help gain skills for their future.

To be eligible you must be/complete the following:
• Be a High School Junior or Senior/Graduating 2022/ or Current College -Trade School-Cosmetology Student • Current or Former Bring It Rotation Participant/Local Fort Wayne/Allen County Student
• Pursuing Higher Education of College, and/or Technical School, Cosmetology School, etc. • Completion of 500-1000-word Essay- “Self-Love is Important because”
-Elements of the Essay should include:
• Why you stand out
• Involvement in Community and/or School Activities
• Have Financial Needs
• What you are wanting to study and where
• How you would make an impact on the community if scholarship received

Essay is Due Friday February 25, 2022 at 10 pm to [email protected]

Winner will be selected and notified on Monday February 28, 2022 We would like the winner/winners to be available March 5, 2022 to attend the International Women’s Day Breakfast in Fort Wayne, IN if available (this does not hinder you from winning if you are unable to attend)

Winner of the scholarship must provide information of the school so that funding can be directly paid to school. (If the winner fails to give information but September 2, 2022), then winner will default and give up scholarship, and alternate winner will be selected).

Feel free to ask any question, we are excited to help!

Jennifer Garrison & Bring It-Push It-Own It Team  

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About us

I am a small town girl who dreamed big as a low income child to be the first college graduate of my family. Through Scholarships I received, I was able to achieve that dream. Now, I want to continue the ripple effect to give someone their dream. 

Empowerment Through Education