Jennifer Garrison- Founder/CEO

Being from a low income family, I was not sure how I was going to be able to complete my dream of being the first college graduate.   Without the assistance of many scholarships, this would not have been possible. That is why I want to pay it forward to as many students as possible. 

I came across an amazing group called Bring It-Push It-Own It, this group helps empower and develop leadership skills to a group of young ladies ages 9-18. I feel absolutely in love with this program and knew I had to help. I saw my younger self in these ladies and decided to set up this fundraiser initiative.

I have designed and funded these T Shirts to start the path of raising money and awareness for scholarship funding. I also am planning other events in the future to continue to raise money. 

Thank you for your support for students in need.  Feel free to reach out to me for any questions. 



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, Fort Wayne, IN, US


Fort Wayne, IN, US

About us

I am a small town girl who dreamed big as a low income child to be the first college graduate of my family. Through Scholarships I received, I was able to achieve that dream. Now, I want to continue the ripple effect to give someone their dream. 

Empowerment Through Education